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第121号(2023年3月) ヨーロッパ資本市場研究会特集号

Developments in cashless payments in the EU and the introduction of a digital euro


〔要 旨〕

Cashless payments in the EU have developed in recent years, although not uniformly across regions and countries. Contactless payments are also on the rise, driven by the spread and improved performance of smartphones. This has been accompanied by a decline in the number of branches and ATMs of banks and other financial institutions, while the development of cashless payments in the EU has been card-led, partly due to the introduction of a cap on interchange fee for card payments from 2015 onwards. In line with the increase in non-cash payments, the introduction of a central bank digital currency, a digital euro, is being considered, with a decision on the implementation period scheduled for July-September 2023.

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  • central bank digital currency
  • digital euro
  • interchange fees
  • contactless payments
  • cashless payments