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Core Mission Areas

JSRI’s activities are focused on its four core mission areas below:

High-Quality Research
JSRI conducts research based on awareness of issues rooted in financial and capital markets businesses. We work to compile high qualitiy research results available and to deliver advice to policymakers on how to solve the various problems facing our economy.
Promoting Relations with Domestic and International Research Institutions
JSRI promotes interaction among researchers at Japanese and foreign universities and other research institutions, as well as with professionals working in financial and capital markets, thereby facilitating higher standards of research on financial and capital markets and the advancement of academic studies.
Providing Policy Proposal and Specialized Information
JSRI strives to make use of the media to effectively communicate research results and policy proposal, while also providing specialized information on financial and capital markets and on general economic trends in Japan and around the world.
Cultivating the Next Generation of Researchers
JSRI is committed to helping cultivate the next generation of researchers by supporting young researchers both within and outside our institute.