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About JSRI

President’s Address

Japan Securities Research Institute (JSRI) is the Japan’s sole institute dedicated to study and research our country’s financial and capital markets as an independent and impartial organization. We research the functioning and the system of the financial and capital markets, organize conferences, and operates Securities Library.

JSRI was established in 1961 by the intent of the securities industry to study and research the basic theory and problems regarding securities, and what the securities market structure should be. We are grateful that our institute has conducted the basic research on the financial and capital markets and collected and publicized relevant information with supports from the industry for the past sixty years ever since the establishment. Thus, we have contributed to the academic promotion in the relevant fields of the financial and capital markets.

Today, with the globalized economy and finance, the rapid development of technology, the changes in worldwide financial policies, and the need toward a more sustainable society, we have faced the necessity of fundamentally reviewing the financial regulations. It is concerned how the global economy and society and the financial and capital markets are after Covid-19. Under these circumstances, JSRI holds research groups of specialists on various themes tackling issues arisen from the circumstances from time to time, carefully paying attention to the way of proceedings. Paying attention to SDGs, our study groups make policy recommendations to the financial circles and provides a good opportunity for researchers and practitioners to have communications between them. We also organize conferences and symposiums on the timely issues as we promote digital transformation. Through these activities we wish to meet expectations from the financial circles.

JSRI issues quarterly academic journal “The JSRI Journal of Financial and Securities Markets”, monthly “Securities Review,” and bimonthly “Securities Report.” We also publish following books. “Illustrated Guide to Securities Markets” series provide overviews of securities markets in Japan, the U.S., Europe, and Asia. “Materials on the History of Securities Market in Japan” is a compilation of an enormous number of historical materials on securities. We also compile books carrying reports from our research groups.

Our website provides the contents of these publications and offers retrieval service of the books and documents possessed by the Securities Library in both Tokyo and Osaka and of the Chronological Table of Securities History. We also deliver e-mail newsletters announcing the updated information in a timely manner. Securities Statistics Portal Site provides our users a function to access the statistics publicized by different organizations in the securities industry.

It is my wish that those who have knowledge and interest in the financial and capital markets utilizes our research products and kindly extend supports and cooperation to our activities.

MASUI Kiichiro
Japan Securities
Research Institute


Official Name Japan Securities Research Institute
Establishment August 15, 1961
*Transformed to a public interest incorporated foundation on 1st April, 2010, according to the reform of public interest corporation system
Basic property 1 billion yen
President MASUI Kiichiro
Managing Director TAKAGI Takashi

OSAKI Sadakazu 
(Principal Investigator, Nomura Research Institute)

(Senior Executive Director, Japan Securities Dealers Association)

(Attorney at Law, Dai-ichi Fuyo Law Office)


SUZUKI Hitoshi 
(Senior Managing Director, Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.)

(Professor, Chuo University)


(President, Meiwa Securities Co., Ltd.)

MARUYAMA Masahiko 
(Standing Statutory Auditor, Osaka Exchange, Inc.)


【Chairman】HIBINO Takashi 
(Chairman, Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.)

ISHII Noboru 
(President ,Tachibana Securities Co., Ltd.)

EGAWA Masako 
(Chancellor, School Juridical Person Seikei Gakuen)

KIKUCHI Hiroyuki 
(Chairman, Kyokuto Securities Co., Ltd.)


(Vice Chairman, The Investment Trusts Association, Japan)

(Professor,Waseda Business School(Graduate School of Business and Finance))

FUKUDA Shinichi 
(Professor of Economics, University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics)

FUKUYAMA Toshihiko 
(Vice Chairman, Capital Market Promotion Foundation)

YAMAJI Hiromi 
(President & CEO, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.)

Number of officers and employees 24 people


Aug. 1961 Japan Securities Research Institute established
Dec. 1966 Securities Library opened in Tokyo
Nov. 1969 JSRI merged with the Osaka Securities Research Institute at the Osaka Securities Exchange, expanding the institute’s presence to two locations (Tokyo and Osaka)
May 1971 Securities Library opened in Osaka
Apr. 2010 JSRI transformed to a Public Interest Foundation upon the reform of public interest corporation system
Feb. 2019 JSRI’s main office and Securities Library moved to the Taiyo Life
Insurance Nihombashi Building